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Tagged "Recipes"

Recipe - Cricket Powder Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Try out this recipe for a delicious, refreshing cricket powder smoothie bowl. It is packed with nutrients, and is perfect for breakfast or as a snack!

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Recipe - Cricket Powder Pancakes

This week we are welcoming the first week of May and celebrating Mother's Day! For the occasion, we created a delicious pancake recipe that is simple to make, and which will hopefully inspire some of you to prepare this delicious breakfast for your mother and give her the break she deserves! This Cricket Powder Pancake recipe is healthy, delicious, and full of nutrients... guilt-free pancakes, yay!

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Recipe - Cricket Powder Spicy Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes rock! They can be eaten fried, baked, mashed, boiled, you name it! This week, we made delicious Cricket Powder Spicy Sweet Potatoes oven-baked fries. Our special ingredient (cricket powder) gives these potatoes a boost in protein, vitamin B12, iron and calcium... making them even more nutritious than they already are!

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Recipe - Cricket powder bean burger

Last weekend's warm weather got us excited for the summer time, i.e. bbq season! So, this week's recipe is a cricket powder bean burger. The patties we created are pack with nutrients including protein, vitamin B12, iron, and more, making it a delicious and healthy alternative to "classic" burgers that everyone is sure to love!

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Recipe - Cricket Powder Chocolate Easter Nests

Easter is right around the corner! To celebrate, we revamped a classic Easter dessert: chocolate Easter nests. We added some almonds and cricket powder to give your sweet treat a protein boost!

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