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KONA: Coach Bart’s 4 precious tips for a successful race

Bart Rolet, our Näak ambassador, has participated in the Word Triathlon Championships in Kona 3 times. Each time, he finished the race in under 10h, and he finished in 3rd place out of the French Canadians who participated in 2015. Coach Bart gives us his advice on the mythical race that brings the World's best athletes together every year in October for the longest triathlon distance.

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Marc Flageole qualifies for KONA for the 12th time

Marc Flageole finished 2nd in his age category (45-49 years old) and 14th overall at Tremblant's 2016 IRONMAN, which means he qualified for the IRONMAN world championships in Kona. Marc is used to Kona, as he has already been 11 times. Next year, he is aiming for a top 5 in his age category. Marc tells us about his race in Tremblant, his progress in swimming this year, and gives us some tips for those of you would like to qualify for Kona one day.

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"We cycled under a flood of rain and wind" - Julie Gadreau

Julie Gadreau waited two long years to do her first IRONMAN in Tremblant. Last year, a femoral fracture three weeks before her race forced her to drop out. After spending two months on crutches, and after a new stress fracture to her food in April, Julie finally completed her bet. On August 21st, 2016, she swam for 3.8km, cycled for 180km, and ran 42.2km in 12:14:18; finishing in 11th position in her age category (40-44 years old). A fine example of combativity and self-sacrifice. Julie tells us about her race.

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Kathy Tremblay's 8 tips for a successful Olympic triathlon

Kathy Tremblay is a double Olympian and Pan Am Triathlon champion. On the eve of Montreal’s Triathlon International, Näak’s ambassador offers her valuable advice on how to perform on competition day.

Näak  Kathy, how do you approach a race on a course you don’t know?

Kathy : The first thing to do is [...]

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What I learned at Naak, the startup behind the premium cricket powered protein bar

Once I landed in Montreal for the summer, I was met at the airport by my sister and, as we always do, recollected and shared what we had been up to the past six months, since we last saw one another. Finishing her penultimate semester at university, she described a multitude of experiences from case competitions to internships, but what sparked my interest was the startup environment in Montreal [...]

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