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Tagged "Sport"

Running Addict's advice on post-marathon recovery

Running Addict is a passionate runner whose philosophy is "train seriously, without taking yourself seriously". On his blog, running addict shares all sorts of tips on running and even offers a training plan for a marathon! We had the chance to ask him some questions about good habits to adopt after a marathon. If this interests you, read this article!

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3 reasons why you should try Cricket Energy Bites!

Some of you may have had the chance to taste this product when it was released as a limited edition last year, or if you've been seeing us around at a few festivals recently. For those of you who have not yet had the chance to get your hands on this product, you can now purchase it! What are we talking about? Our brand-new product; Cricket Energy Bites!

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Caffeine is one of the most consumed substances in the world for its taste, but also for its effects on our organism. It can be found in many products but it is mainly consumed through coffee; a beverage that can be found in almost every restaurant, bar, and kitchen. Known for its stimulating effects, caffeine is widely used in the field of sport.

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Sport and nutrition

Nutrition plays a crucial role in progression and athletic performance. But the perfect diet doesn’t exist. Everyone is different, and therefore our needs vary according to many factors: age, gender, metabolism, physical activity (time, type, intensity...), objectives, and so on. The fundamental point is to balance intakes with energy expenditure. Strategies can be developed to try and get the most out of our diet (distribution of nutrients, timing, quantity...)

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The 7 IRONMAN race-day nutrition products that you need to know about in 2018

What you eat while you race is just as important as how you’re training. 

Looking for a race-day fuel to get better results for your next IRONMAN? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top 7 sport nutrition products that are being used by professional triathletes on the IRONMAN distance.

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