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3 reasons why you should try Cricket Energy Bites!

Some of you may have had the chance to taste this product when it was released as a limited edition last year, or if you've been seeing us around at a few festivals recently. For those of you who have not yet had the chance to get your hands on this product, you can now purchase it! What are we talking about? Our brand-new product; Cricket Energy Bites!

Our bites are made using the same recipe as our energy bars. However, the final product is delivered in the form of 15g bites in a re-sealable bag. So, it's the same taste but a different size, which gives you an unlimited amount of possibilities regarding its use.

You can buy cricket energy bites on our website here!

What are the advantages?

This brand-new product comes in a re-sealable bag, meaning you don’t need to eat all the bites in one go, you can nibble on them throughout your day and even your week! The re-sealable bags are also ideal for maintaining the taste and texture of your cricket energy bites while storing them in-between uses.

    naak energy bites resealable bag

    The cricket energy bites weigh 15g each. The bite-sized format of our energy bars means you can have just a couple of them if you're not too hungry, or all of them if you need lots of fuel! These small portions are perfect to help you master and adjust your consumption.

    naak energy bites portion size

    Our cricket energy bites are really easy to share with your friends and family. Each bag contains roughly 8 bites, so you can encourage your loved ones to taste this delicious snack! 

    naak energy bites share friends

      How to use energy bites?

      There are thousands of ways for you to use energy bites. Here are a few of our favourites…

      Keep a bag in your hiking bag or sports bag so you can consume a bite here and there during your outdoor activities and workouts. For instance, reach for a bag of bites before you head out instead of grabbing multiple small snacks.

      naak energy bites hiking

      These bites are the perfect snack to satisfy your small cravings. Add them to your cycling pouch during a bike ride to get a little "boost" of energy when the need arises.

      naak energy bites cycling

      Share them as a snack at the office or at school. This tasty, eco-friendly and healthy snack will definitely make you the center of attention with your peers and leave them begging for another bite!

      Naak energy bars work school

        Now we want to know how you use your energy bites so please let us know on social media!

        Why are Näak energy bites good for you?

        Not only do our cricket energy bites taste delicious, they are also good for you! Why? Here at Näak we like creating products with clean ingredient lists, and our energy bites are no exception. The ingredients we chose are healthy and all contribute to making you feel energized.

        • We add our favourite ingredient to all our products: cricket powder. Simply put, cricket powder is a superfood which provides you with lots of nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, omega fatty acids, etc. 
        • We use dates and maple syrup to give our energy bites their wonderful sweet taste. These two ingredients provide you with glucose, which gives you energy and fuels your muscles during physical activity and throughout the day.

        naak energy bites cricket power

        If this brand new products is making you as hungry and excited as we are, you can purchase cricket energy bites on our website here!

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